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How to mow your lawn


  • If the weather is mild, occasionally cut your lawn, maintaining about 26mm of growth.
  • Keep off the grass if frozen or water logged.


  • Rake or scarify your lawn thoroughly, removing moss
  • Aerate, also spike  your lawn all over 
  • Apply lawn sand
  • Keep your mower blades high just to top the grass


  • Reseed bare patches, apply fertilisers ans moss killer towards the end of the month
  • Mow regularly, lowering the blades gradually


  • You can treat yourlawn with selective weedkillers or combined weed
  • Use lawn feed preparations if you haven't fed lawn in April
  • Mow regularly


  • Mow your lawns twice a week if possible, working to a definite pattern, 
  • Watering grass if necessary, remembering to soak thoroughly


  • Treat your lawns with second application of fertaliser
  • Water in as necessary
  • Don't lower the blades to low to your lawn


  • Keep mowing regularly and watering as necessary
  • Fill in any cracks caused by drought with a mixture of sharp sand and soil


  • Raise mower blades to allow the grass to thicken and protect roots from winter frost and snow
  • Apply autumn winter fertiliser, weed killer and moss killer


  • The best time to rake and scarify out thatch from turf
  • Spike your lawn to assist drainage
  • Brush in soil and sharp sand
  • Continue cutting as necessary


  • We recommend this time of year to have your mower serviced
  • We also offer a storage facility so you can have your mower serviced and stored, freeing up space over the winter months - we store inside
  • Don't cut your lawn very wet as this will compact your soil which encourages water logging

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