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Generator ATS or MTS, and what do they do?

If you are looking at a back-up generator, but are not sure how it is going to connect and what solution is best for you in your instance, this is the guide for you. Many people have questions before buying so we have taken some time to explain both automatic transfer switches also known as ATS or AMF panels and manual transfer switches (MTS)

ATS - What does it do?

An ATS panel is known as switch-gear, this will connect between the generator and the main supply coming in or grid supply, known as your fuse box or consumer unit. It will constantly monitor the power supply and in the event of a power cut will will automatically send a signal to the generator to start up and also switch your power supply from mains/grid power to the generator supply. This process is taken care of with no need for human interaction and takes just seconds to complete from power-off to power-on. This ensure minimal disruption for the user and total peace of mind.

We advise an ATS as best solution for our customers as its easy to use and fast reacting, this will ensure that you stay powered up with no fuss and no stress either.

MTS - What does it do?

An MTS will do basically the same as ATS but as the name suggests, its a manual version. So what does that mean? In the event of a power cut you would need to start generator and also manually switch power supplies over on the switch gear. Also it would be up to you to monitor power supply to see when restored and switch back on again. The fact that you need to start and stop it manually as needed may better suit some applications of use.

Basic example of connection.

When installing these options you need need to get them installed by a trained electrician, you will nee to factor this cost in when purchasing the unit. We supply option for our back-up generator ranges and prices will vary. As you would have though, an ATS will cost more than an MTS option. MTS will go from about £200 upwards and ATS options from £600 although this may depend on the makes/models you are looking at.


We strongly advise speaking to one of our team here at Lawn and Power to talk you through what would suit you and your application.

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