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Trash and Sludge Water Pumps

These pumps are designed to pump muddy, dirty sludgy water. These pumps are designed for heavy-duty pump uses where debris stops  standard pumps from being of use.


Hyundai HYT80 3" (80mm) Petrol Trash Water Pump

The HYT80 trash water pump is powered by a 212cc Hyundai IC200 petrol engine which produces 6.5hp, enabling this pump to be used for domestic, commercial and professional pumping applications. It's built primarily for pumping dirty and unrefined water, capable of pumping particles up to 35mm in diameter which is a huge increase over standard water pumps.

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Hyundai DHYT80E Diesel Trash Water Pump

The DHYT80E is a powerful diesel trash water pump, capable of pumping 880L/min and powered by a 296cc D300 diesel engine. Built with a tougher pump than the clean water pumps in the Hyundai range, particles and debris up to 35mm can be pumped easily by the DHYT80E without risk of causing damage to the internal components.

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