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Diesel Water Pumps

Diesel water pumps tend to be the workhorse of the pumping world, they are generally designed to be able to run for longer periods of time as they have longer run fuel tanks, these can also reduce cost as can be run from red or white diesel when being used. They tend to be heavier than a petrol counterpart as the engines are heavier but as mentioned they are far more hardworking. They can pump a range of fluids from clean water to chemicals on some units. If you have any questions don't hesitate to. get in touch with one of our team for some advice.


Hyundai DHY50E 2" / 50mm Electric Start Diesel Water Pump

The DHY50E is a powerful diesel water pump which benefits from electric start functionality for easy starting. Powered by a robust and reliable D200 211cc diesel engine, the DHY50E is capable of pumping a huge 600 litres every minute and has a max head of 25m.

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Hyundai DHY80E 3" / 80mm Electric Start Diesel Water Pump

Powered by a 296cc Hyundai D300 diesel engine which produces 6hp, this diesel water pump is suitable for domestic, commercial and agricultural pumping applications. It features electric start functionality which provides an easy start every single time, and provides a maximum flow rate of 750 litres per minute, allowing you to rapidly transfer large collections of clean water through the large 3" (80mm) inlet and outlet.

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Hyundai DHYC50LE 50mm / 2in Electric Start Diesel Chemical / Sea Water Pump

The pump which is made out of plastic is to prevent any corrosion occurring that may damage the machine. This makes this water pump ideal for use with fresh water, but also with sea / salt water, chemicals and liquid fertiliser. It can be used for commercial tasks and the plastic pump helps prevent corrosion, expanding the lifespan and preserves the running life of the entire machine.

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Hyundai DHYT80E Diesel Trash Water Pump

The DHYT80E is a powerful diesel trash water pump, capable of pumping 880L/min and powered by a 296cc D300 diesel engine. Built with a tougher pump than the clean water pumps in the Hyundai range, particles and debris up to 35mm can be pumped easily by the DHYT80E without risk of causing damage to the internal components.

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Pacer S Series 2" / 50mm Diesel Self-Priming Centrifugal Water Pump - BUNA Sealed

Pacer S Series Self-Priming Centrifugal Pumps are chemically resistant for general water service, waste treatment, salt water and many industrial chemicals. Moulded from tough glass reinforced thermoplastics, polyester and or polypropylene to resist corrosion and chemical attack. Has a 40m max head and 757 Lpm max flow rate.

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