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Moss Clearance Machines

Clearing moss doesn't need to be such a hard a labor-intensive task, take a look at the moss roving range we offer. These will make it easy to clean up paths, driveways, car parks, or most places that moss has formed on the ground, these machines simply sweep it up and away for you. Want to speed up your cleaning? Then these machines can help! Got some questions? Why not get in touch with one of our team who will be able to help and advise you.



Lumag WKB300 Weed Brush Sweeper

The LUMAG weed brush WKB-300, curbs or paved surfaces can be reliably cleaned of weeds and other debris, completely without the use of chemical additives or thermal treatment.

Our Price: £829.17 excl VAT
Our Price: £995.00 inc VAT
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Westermann WR870 Honda GCVx170 Powered Moss Brush

Designed and built in Germany, the Westermann WR870 Honda powered moss brush is the ideal companion for any small business or large property owner. Powered by the ultra reliable Honda GCVx170 it allows every crack and corner to be swept clean with just one pass.

Our Price: £1,495.00 excl VAT
Our Price: £1,794.00 inc VAT
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