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Hover Mowers

Some typical uses for Hover Mowers

  • Uneven terrain - Hover mowers have a floating deck that adjusts to the contours of uneven or hilly yards, allowing them to mow this type of terrain effectively. The wheels don't touch the ground so the mower can go over small hills and valleys.
  • Short grass - They are ideal for lawns with very short grass. The floating deck allows the blades to get close and even to the ground on flat surfaces. This lets them cut short grass evenly.
  • Obstacles - Hover mowers can easily maneuver around obstacles like trees, gardens, play equipment etc. Their agility and small size makes navigating tight spaces easier.
  • Small yards - They work very well for small urban lawns or yards with many obstacles and narrow spaces. Their compact size allows them to get into tight spots.
  • Minimal mess - Because the deck hovers above the ground, hover mowers can operate without kicking up debris or leaving wheel marks on the lawn. This helps leave a clean cut and appearance.
  • Quiet - Hover mowers tend to be quieter than traditional walk behind or riding mowers, making them good options if noise is a concern.


Cobra AirMow 51B 20" / 51cm B&S Powered Petrol Hover Mower

The Cobra AirMow 51B petrol hover Lawnmower is powered by a Briggs & Stratton 575 EX engine, has a 20" / 51cm cutting width, is equipped with a wheel kit as standard and is built for the demands of the domestic gardener. Guaranteed to start in two pulls. Can be adjusted to cut at 17 and 25mm.

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Cobra AirMow 5180V 20” Twin 40v Li-ion Battery Hover Mower

The Cobra AirMow 5180V hover mower floats on a cushion of air and is powered by twin 40V batteries giving an impressive 80V of cutting power. Capable of cutting on 45° slopes and with its included wheel kit, this cordless AirMow is truly an impressive machine. Covered by a 2 year warranty.

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