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Generators By Brand / Engine Manufacturer

Do you know what brand or engine you want for your next generator? Then please see the list below to go straight to your choice of either brand or engine manufacturer to see our offerings. Do you have any questions? Why not have a chat with our team who can help you choose the correct machine for you. 

Sub Categories

Belle Generators

The Belle GPX Range of petrol, open set Generators are built to provide reliable power in the harshest conditions. Engines and alternators are protected from physical damage and the electrics have full overload protection. These generators are ideal for rental and hire applications. All our Belle Generators are powered by Honda engines. The non-wheeled versions all all have a stackable frame with single point lifting to reduce environmental impact and minimize manual handling risk.

Cummins Powered Generators

Powered by Commins engines Designed by Evopower. Powered by Cummins. Controlled by Deep Sea Electronics. These generators are all powered by the world famous Cummins engines, Cummins are very well known in the generator industry for build quality and reliability .

Champion Generators

Champion Power Equipment is a market leader in power generation equipment. Champion has years of experience providing dependable and durable power products designed and engineered in the US for the North American and world markets. For work, recreation or home use, Champion products are the standard of performance excellence. We make the power that makes your life easier.

Doosan Diesel Engine Powered

Ever since the production of the very first diesel engine in Korea in 1958, Doosan Infracore has been supplying diesel and natural gas engines developed with its proprietary technology to large-scale engine production facilities to customers all around the world. Doosan Infracore is now taking a leap forward as a global engine manufacturer that places top priority on customer satisfaction, performance, and quality.

Evopower Generators

Using a mixture of their own engines, Hyundai and Cummins diesel engines their variety of sets cater for prime or backup (standby) power. They couple the generators with a variety of alternators and use a mix of ComAp or Deep Sea Electronic control panels and optional accessories such as water heaters, battery chargers or three-way valves for the connection of external fuel tanks. Their vast experience in this industry ensures they choose the correct components to end with a quality Genset.

Ford Generators

Our range of Ford generators is Built Ford Tough with a protective heavy duty frame up to 35mm in diameter surrounding the generator. Designed for a multitude of purposes, our range of Generators is hard to beat on performance and reliability. Each model features Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR), dual voltage switch, and easy recoil start.

Honda Powered Generators

If only all engines were as reliable as Honda engines. Here you will find a selection of Honda or Honda powered generators at the best prices.

Hyundai Generators

The Hyundai generator catalogue is an expansive and all-encompassing series of powerful units. They range from smaller outputs of under 1kW and models to large commercial open frame machines for more industrial work, or diesel generators for home, office, or business backup. Hyundai offers great value for money and a massive range of options to choose from. It doesn't matter if you are looking for a generator for leisure use, to run workshop power tools, or even back up the power supply of your home or business, Hyundai has a solution for you. If need some help to decide what's best, give us a call so we can guide you through the options and advise on the best solutions for you and your situation.

Kubota Powered Generators

These are diesel generators that feature a Kubota engines in them, Kubota are a world leading manufacturer and very well known for quality.

Perkins Engine Generators

We offer generators that are powered by Perkins engines, very well known for build quality and reliability in the industry.

Pramac Generators

The high technological experience and the vertically integrated manufacturing processes ensure that all the Pramac's products are designed and delivered with top of quality and high performance.

Senci Generators

Senci is a well-known generator manufacture outside the UK and are regarded as one of the leading manufacturer of generators worldwide.

Yanmar Powered Generators

These generators all feature a Yanmar engine, Yanmar are known for quality of their engines and reliability.

Warrior Generators

The Warrior diesel generators are manufactured by one of the world’s leading diesel generator companies and are ideal for all sorts of applications including domestic, construction, and industrial.

Volvo Diesel Engine Powered

You always need to be able to depend on your power source. Whether it’s for a constant supply to a never-ceasing operation, or for backup generators supplying energy to vital functions, there’s no room for errors or downtime. Our range of Volvo diesel engine generators provides industrial power solutions that are constructed with reliable efficiency and unmatched load acceptance at their core. Flexible, easily installed, and fuel-efficient, we offer Volvo-powered generators from 37kVA to over 770kVA.

Iveco Diesel Engine Powered

Iveco is part of FPT Industrial and is a company of FIAT Industrial dedicated to the design, production, and sale of powerful engines for on/off-road vehicle, marine, and power generation uses. Fiat Powertrain Technologies (FPT) was established in March 2005 as a Fiat Group division which included all the activities related to powertrains and transmissions. The company was formed following the dissolution of the alliance between Fiat and General Motors. Having the heritage from these motoring giants you know build quality and performance will be at a very high standard. We offer generators with an Iveco engine from 65kVA to over 660kVA