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Explore our Garage Tools section for a practical assortment of tools catering to every DIY car enthusiast. From reliable basics to specialized gear, find what you need to enhance your garage setup. Our curated selection ensures you're well-equipped for any automotive project, making your DIY experience more efficient and enjoyable. Upgrade your workspace with quality tools that speak to your passion for hands-on automotive care.


JCB TH22504 2.25 Tonne Extra Height Hydraulic Trolley Jack

The JCB-TH22504 is a heavy-duty hydraulic trolley jack with a robust steel frame, offering a maximum lifting capacity of 2.25 tonnes. Designed for versatility, it lifts SUVs, cars, and light commercial vehicles with a ground clearance of up to 530mm. The extended height and extra-long body ensure stability when lifting taller vehicles. Featuring swivel rear wheels and a protective rubber pad, it enables smooth maneuvering without damaging vehicles. Weighing just 21.5kg and equipped with a magnetic tool tray, this jack combines convenience with durability, backed by a comprehensive 3-year warranty (1 year for commercial use).

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JCB TH31501 1.5 Tonne Double Piston Hydraulic Trolley Jack

Experience precision lifting with the JCB-TH31501 Double-Pump Hydraulic Trolley Jack. This robust tool boasts a 1.5-tonne capacity and an ultra-low profile, making it perfect for vehicles with minimal ground clearance. The quick-lift double-piston mechanism ensures efficient operation, complemented by swivel wheels and a protection rubber pad for smooth, damage-free maneuvering. Safety features include a built-in safety valve and hydraulic oil by-pass system. Crafted with high-quality aluminum, this jack combines durability with a lightweight design. With a convenient side frame carry handle and backed by a 3-year warranty, the JCB-TH31501 is your reliable lifting companion.

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JCB TH33007 3 Tonne Double Piston Hydraulic Trolley Jack

The JCB-TH33007 Hydraulic Trolley Jack is a robust lifting solution with a 3-tonne capacity, designed for versatile use on SUVs, cars, and light commercial vehicles. Constructed from heavy-duty steel, its double-piston design ensures quick and efficient lifts. With a maximum height of 465mm and a minimum height of 133mm, it offers flexibility for various lifting tasks. The trolley jack features swivel rear wheels, a protective rubber pad, and safety measures such as a built-in safety valve and a hydraulic oil by-pass system. Weighing 30.7kg, it's easily portable and comes with a comprehensive 3-year warranty. (1 year commercial)

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