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Floor Saws

Available in diverse sizes, floor saws can be compact and handheld, ideal for intricate and smaller-scale projects. On the other end of the spectrum, large industrial floor saws deliver the power and capability required for heavy-duty applications, ensuring reliable performance in demanding environments.

Floor saws also offer flexibility in power sources, with options including petrol and electric models. Petrol-powered floor saws are well-suited for applications where mobility is crucial, providing freedom from electrical constraints. Electric floor saws, on the other hand, are favored for their consistent power output, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor projects.


Hyundai HYDC5830 58cc 300mm 12” Petrol Disc Cutter / Concrete Floor Saw

The HYDC5830 is a petrol-powered 2-stroke disc cutter from Hyundai fitted with a diamond disc for powerful and precise cutting of a number of different materials. This disc cutter features a powerful 58cc 2-stroke petrol engine which has a high power to weight ratio compared to traditional 4 stroke engines. This gives you more power, without the strain.

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Golz FS125 Kohler Petrol Powered Floor Concrete Cutting Saw

The FS125 Petrol Powered Floor Saw stands out as a reliable alternative to traditional cut-off saws on carts. This compact and lightweight solution is designed for efficiency and ease of use in a variety of cutting applications. Discover the enduring efficiency of the FS125, a compact and quiet petrol-powered floor saw designed for stability and precision in diverse cutting applications.

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Golz FS175 Kohler Petrol Powered Floor Concrete Cutting Saw

The FS 175 Petrol-Powered Floor Saw is a compact and robust tool designed for small-scale services and repair jobs in roadworks. With a 14 HP Kohler petrol engine, it ensures reliable performance and precision cutting with a 450mm blade diameter and a maximum cutting depth of 165mm. The height-adjustable anti-vibration handles prioritize operator comfort during extended use, while the cutting depth adjustment and indicator offer convenient operation. Safety features include a parking brake and lifting frame, ensuring stability and ease of transport. The 25-liter water tank facilitates effective blade cooling, and big rear wheels provide excellent chassis clearance on diverse terrains.

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