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The ‘Baksaver’ barrow is a unique and exclusive piece of equipment designed first and foremost for those who use barrows at work or for leisure.  Ideally suited to the rigors of equestrian stable work and gardening plus any other use that entails work that could be damaging to back muscles, shoulder/neck muscles and, wearing vertebrate joints.

Designed in the UK the ‘Baksaver’ boasts a unique geometrical emptying system that entails an effortless step on a push pedal, then simply and easily pull back on the handles, and hey presto the hopper is tipped and the contents ejected in a position of the operators choice.


Baksaver Wheel Barrow - 80 Litre

Baksaver Barrows, the award winning wheelbarrow that takes the effort out of pushing and tipping. The back-saving innovation won both the Best Machinery and Tools Product, and the new product Innovation Award at Glee 2015 where 20,000 new products were on show.

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